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Celebrating Love: Berry & Renier

Next up in our Celebrating Love series is Berry & Renier; another couple who are as raw and real as it gets. Having walked quite the road to find each other and create this beautiful life they now share, they are putting lessons learned into practise on a daily basis.

The love story – how did you two meet? What was the road you walked to marriage?

I really love asking this question because of the different perspectives – things that seemed small to one were marked events for the other. In Berry & Renier’s case, the difference in their stories is when they met!

Renier remembers meeting Berry years ago, when she gave his niece vocal lessons and used to hold concerts for her students.

Berry doesn’t recall that at all! From her perspective they met when they started working together.

Each were going through some difficult patches in their own lives, but the strong friendship that they formed helped them navigate through the tough times and blossomed into this beautiful love story that they share.

So, what is it that they love about each other?

It’s always fun to hear what couples love about one another.

For Berry it’s the fact that Renier is such a man of faith. She says that he has made her a better woman because of his love for God. She added that him being such an amazing dad is one of the reasons she fell in love with him.

When Renier was asked this question he responded with, “I got nothing”, followed by laughter. He then said that she is the strength to all his weaknesses, and he would be lost without her. Cue the chorus of “awwwwwwww”

Their biggest tips for a successful relationship/marriage?

Having been through so much, they definitely have wisdom to share. Top of the list is communication, not just for communication’s sake, but to listen to hear one another, talk things through and compromise where necessary. When things get tough, keep going. Work through it together and your relationship will come out on the other side even stronger than before.

Lastly, tell your wife she is beautiful every day! (As I wife, I can’t emphasize this enough!)

In closing

Berry and Renier have walked a long, sometimes difficult road to get to where they are today, but I don’t think that they would have it any other way. Together they have created a beautiful blended family, filled with love, joy, respect and mutual understanding.

About Berry

In her own words, Berry is a “Kick-ass wife, superhero, bonus mom, lover of coffee and food, singer, blogger, baker and very tired in general…” I don’t know about you, but I would be that tired too if I were that awesome!

Berry blogs about blended family life over at and you can find her over on Instagram at gumbofamilylife, where she shares more daily life, her beautiful voice and her amazing jokes. Seriously – I can’t start my morning without my morning giggle! If you know, you know!

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